Bitcoins bought by giant corporations are not to be feared – Michael Saylor

During a recent podcast interview, Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy expressed the opinion that large companies that buy and hold bitcoin (BTC) in their custody should not be a cause for concern.

while to talk To Natalie Brunel on Currency stories The podcast, which was released on August 7, has Saylor stressing the inevitability of third-party and corporate participation in the bitcoin space.

However, it has been suggested that while Bitcoin enthusiasts may want total self-control, or sovereignty, over their Bitcoin, this may not be the only solution, as people will use Bitcoin for a variety of purposes.

“We need to be ready for Bitcoin to inculcate everything,” Saylor stated, explaining it as Bitcoin It gets more integrated into the community, it’s going to have many more use cases, it’s not going to be a one-size-fits-all model.

“There are different types of wrappers. Some people will always be under self-custodianship, some will be a multitasker, and others will need a third-tier guardian. It will be needed for political, utility, or functional purposes.”

Saylor Speaking to Coin Stories host Brunell. Source: Currency Stories

Saylor identified three main reasons supporting the need for trustees: technical, political, and natural.

From a political point of view, relying on a third party may be the only course of action.

The Mayor of New York is still the Mayor of New York. Unless you get rid of New York City or California or Iceland, the state, political reasons will mean the need for guardians.”

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On the technical side, there will be people who want to transact in cryptocurrency with their mobile phones, so trusting third-tier third parties, such as Bank of America and Apple, will be inevitable, Saylor said.

“Bitcoin will be a base layer. There will be Layer 2 like lightning to speed things up. Then there will be Layer 3 like Bank of America and Apple. Custody Layer 3 will be there to provide jobs.”

Saylor speaks on the Coin Stories podcast. Source: Currency Stories

For natural causes, Saylor suggested the possibility that it might be safe for some people to entrust their assets to others.

He gave the example of an 85-year-old suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or wanting to secure property for an unborn grandchild.

“I didn’t complain that Mom and Dad had the car keys when I was 12, and I didn’t get the car keys,” Saylor said.

Saylor stated that the optimal mix of Bitcoin integrations will be determined by the market.

“We shouldn’t be intimidated by all the different ways people integrate, wrap, embed or implement Bitcoin, there is no single right answer; the right mix of Bitcoin integrations will be determined by the market.”

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