Are you supposed to peel strawberries?

A famous chef takes pride in the joy of eating peeled strawberries. Here’s why you should consider exfoliating.

There are some fruits that need to be peeled to enjoy them. Pineapples, melons, and bananas are all fruits that should be enjoyed without their outer core. However, some fruits, such as berries, are usually eaten as is. But what if we told you that peeling strawberries can actually make the fruit taste sweeter?

This idea originally came from A Viral video from Chef Jose Andres on TikTok. The video is a conversation with James Beard Award-winning chef and author Tamar Adler on an interview podcast, in which Chef Andres shares his craving for blanched strawberries. He says that the peeled strawberries were meant to be “you’d love it” and that they “fit perfectly on pretty lips” and “if you’ve never had peeled strawberries, you don’t understand.”

So why would anyone bother to peel strawberries, and how could someone peel them in the first place? We’ve broken it down so you can fully understand Chef Andres’ obsession with peeled strawberries.

Should you peel strawberries?

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So why go to the trouble of peeling strawberries in the first place? Chef Jose Andrés admits in another TikTok video that at his house, they always peel strawberries because of the “mouth feel.”

The strawberry skin also contains some bitterness, which tends to be common to all different berries. However, without the skin, peeled strawberries have all of that sweetness without the bitterness, which makes them a lot more fun to eat.

So after you’ve cleaned your strawberries, you should probably also consider peeling those strawberries for a more elegant eating experience—especially if you use them in any of your no-bake strawberry desserts.

What is the best way to peel strawberries?

Although you are not required to peel this little fruit any time you are preparing some sort of recipe with fresh strawberries, if you are looking to upgrade the elegance of the dish you are working on, peeled strawberries can do just that. trick.

Here’s how to peel strawberries: Using a pairing knife, carefully scrape the skin off the strawberries until you’ve removed the skin and seeds from the top. You don’t want to cut into a big chunk and lose some of that sweetness, which is why scraping it carefully will do the trick.

Chef Andres does this by carefully holding and peeling strawberries. However, if you are worried about using a knife while holding a small piece of fruit, some people will hold the strawberries in place with a fork instead. Simply pierce the top of the strawberry near the stem with a fork, peel it from the fatty part of the strawberry all the way to the tip, and then flip it over. Then remove the leaves and the stem on top and you’ve got peeled strawberries ready for your dish – or to devour right away!

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