Disney’s Pickle Milkshake attracts mixed reviews

Guests can sip and savor from nearly 30 Global Marketplaces throughout the event, which celebrates delicious diversity in global food and drink, including the Pickle Milkshake at Brew-Wing Lab at the Odyssey at The 2023 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

Pickle milkshake may be Be too ambitious, even for Disney. annual Epcot International Food and Wine Festival It kicks off today at Disney World in Florida. With a menu that highlights flavors from around the world, most Disney guests are delighted with the offerings. But the menu item may be the exception to the rule. … Read more

Easy S’mores in Foil Packets: How to Make Them

Marshmallow With Chocolate And Graham Crackers

Parents love the s’mores pack hack! You can skip the mess (well, some mess) and make a batch of s’mores in minutes. It’s safe to say that this summer may take the title “summer of s’mores.” Just scroll on TikTok to find endless recipes for s’mores brownies, s’mores cookies, or pretty much any way to … Read more

Easy Dog Margarita Recipe: How to Make It

Easy Dog Margarita Recipe: How to Make It

It is Summer! In other words, it’s the season for frozen cocktails. And with the temperatures on the rise, there’s never been a time when we’ve needed an ice-cold drink more than the right time now. Everyone appreciates the help of a refreshing drink to beat the heat – including our dogs. If you adore … Read more

Homemade Margarita Popsicles (recipe viral from TikTok)

Homemade Margarita Popsicles (recipe viral from TikTok)

Margarita frozen in popsicle form? come back to us at. On hot summer days, there is nothing quite like enjoying an iced drink while the sun goes down. For me, the most refreshing summer drink is a frozen margarita. Imagine, however, a better-than-average frozen spread recipe. Hello, margarita popsicles! How to make margarita popsicles This … Read more

What are moonshine pickles? Plus how to make it

Moonshine Pickles in Glass Jar on White Surface

Looking for a new way to decorate your Bloody Mary? Pickled moonshine may be the winner. Have you ever wished that the taste of pickles was more noticeable? It’s time to give the boot (leg) to the usual dill ale pickles and welcome to the wonderful world of moonshine pickles. What are moonshine pickles? These … Read more

How to make a frozen espresso martini

How to make a frozen espresso martini

Cue Hannah Montana, because this summery cocktail is the best of both worlds. The perfect blend of classic espresso martini and frappe, this frozen espresso martini is everything you could want in a happy hour drink during the summer. With a little caffeine and ice mixed in to cool you down and plenty of vodka, … Read more

McDonald’s ice cream is the perfect summer treat

Mcdonalds Ice Cream Ultimate Dessert Hack

Creamy, crunchy and oh so chocolatey. There’s a lot to love about McDonald’s Secret Menu. How could you not feel like taking the best menu items and putting them together to create something new? As if we haven’t already made enough excuses to visit McDonald’s! With the sweltering summer heat, it’s time to look for … Read more