Disney’s Pickle Milkshake attracts mixed reviews

Pickle milkshake may be Be too ambitious, even for Disney.

annual Epcot International Food and Wine Festival It kicks off today at Disney World in Florida. With a menu that highlights flavors from around the world, most Disney guests are delighted with the offerings. But the menu item may be the exception to the rule. For those looking for a savory dessert with a hint of tang, this year’s festival includes a pickle milkshake.

While some Disneygoers seem happy to try the unusual pickle-flavored food, others seem to be upset at the idea!

Everything we know about pickle milkshakes

New to the festival this year, Odyssey's Brew-Wing Lab invites guests to go on a delicious adventure featuring the culinary creations - and crazy mishaps - of Muppet Labs.  with dr.Stephen Diaz / Courtesy Disney

This year’s Epcot Food & Wine Festival features Odyssey’s Brew-Wing. It features the food creations of puppeteer Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his loyal assistant Baker. Together, the duo created Disney’s first pickle milkshake.

The milkshake is served in a souvenir glass that looks like a mason jar, and it retails for $5.75. The drink itself is a light green color, similar to a Shamrock Shake. The shake is topped with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles made to look like the herbs in a jar of dill pickle. Instead of a cherry on top, the milkshake pickle gets a sprig of fresh dill as a garnish.

Pickle Milkshake Review

@disneyeats, the official Instagram account for Disney’s Magical Rolls, posted a video of the Pickle Milkshake to mixed reviews. Some have responded, “I’ll definitely try it,” while others feel Disney is pushing the A-list beta a little so far.

Some comments wondered if this was April Fool’s Day while others pointed out that no one in the Disney Eats reel actually tasted a pickled milkshake.

A media day preview on July 26 also brought mixed reviews. Almost everyone agreed that the milkshake starts to taste like a classic vanilla shake. But what follows are ingredients of dill with a little vinegar. Some loved it and said they would not hesitate to get another. One tester noted that she’s not a fan of pickles, but found the shake to be surprisingly light and flavorful. Some even considered it refreshing in the Florida summer heat.

Although Pickle Milkshake isn’t likely to go down like the next Dole Whip, most reviews suggest it’s worth trying during the Food & Wine Festival. The event is happening now through November 18th, so book your tickets!

Other pickled products you can try at Disney

If you’re not sold on Pickle Milkshake, that’s okay. But don’t shy away from pickles altogether. The festival fries option with a Dill Ranch menu item might be more your speed, located at the Fry Basket kiosk.

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