Easy Dog Margarita Recipe: How to Make It

It is Summer! In other words, it’s the season for frozen cocktails. And with the temperatures on the rise, there’s never been a time when we’ve needed an ice-cold drink more than the right time now. Everyone appreciates the help of a refreshing drink to beat the heat – including our dogs.

If you adore frozen margaritas, and love to pamper your pup, then you need to get your dog-friendly Pawgerita excited ASAP. (That’s right, this Margarita dog even has a name.)

What is a Margarita dog?

For starters, this drink isn’t a true margarita and contains no alcohol. Think of it like a mocktail for the little ones. This dog-friendly drink is packed with ingredients that are safe for dogs to consume and flavors that will have them barking for more.

How to make a dog-friendly margarita

This viral recipe is from the popular TikTok dog @employee Offers an easy and quick dog margarita recipe to make for your pup. Rider Dalmatian owner, Sandra, explains step-by-step instructions. Here’s how to make one!


How to make dog friendly margaritas! 🐾 Ingredients: 
Pawgerita: – Cucumber – Yogurt or applesauce – Bonebroth (We used our turkey bone broth powder from @The Honest Kitchen ) – Ice For the rim: – Yogurt or applesauce – Youcan use crushed up treats or kibble! (We used a cheese and sweet & sweet potato topper from @Bocce’s Bakery ) Instructions: – Add all ingredients to blender – Blend until all ingredients are blended smooth Glass rim: – Dip in yogurt first – Roll in crumbled treats or kibble – Add pawgerita to glass ENJOY! #dogtok #dogs #dogsoftiktok #puppy #puppytok #dogmargaritas #margs #dalmata #dalmatian #dalmatians #puppies #pupcup #dogfriendly

♬ Island In The Sun – Weezer


  • option
  • Lactose-free yogurt or apple juice
  • bone broth
  • ice
  • Optional: cooked candy and/or kibble

Psst: You can also make frozen dog treats with bananas, peanut butter, and yogurt.


Step 1: Mix the ingredients

In a blender, combine cucumber slices, ice, bone broth, and yogurt or applesauce (all safe for dogs!) and blend. Make sure to blend the ingredients until you reach a smooth consistency.

Step 2: Prepare a Margarita Cup

If you have a margarita cup, you can easily dress this Pawgerita up for your pup. All you need is to dip the rim of the glass into the buttermilk. After that, crush or feed the dog into crumbs, put the crumbs on a plate and roll the edge of the glass in it. The crumbs will easily stick to the yogurt-covered edge.

You can even add cucumbers to the side of the glass for more puppy pizza!

Step 3: Pour and Serve!

From there, all you have to do is pour the contents of the blender into a margarita glass and it’s ready to serve! As dog mom Sandra says in a TikTok video that went viral, “Have fun mommy guys, because it’s five o’clock somewhere!”

Pawgerita isn’t the only iconic drink your dog can enjoy. Keep an eye out for fast food chains with a secret dog menu, like the Starbucks puppuccino.

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