Easy S’mores in Foil Packets: How to Make Them

Parents love the s’mores pack hack! You can skip the mess (well, some mess) and make a batch of s’mores in minutes.

It’s safe to say that this summer may take the title “summer of s’mores.” Just scroll on TikTok to find endless recipes for s’mores brownies, s’mores cookies, or pretty much any way to make s’mores you can think of. And no wonder why. By air fryer or campfire, nothing beats summer like s’mores!

The only downside to this dessert is that it gets messy fast. No one likes wifey marshmallow. This is where a handy hack for s’mores in chip packets comes in. Follow this how-to from Chef Jackie Pakula—whose Instagram handle is @chef— Jacquib—Make s’mores in minutes.

How does this S’mores Hack work

Before cooking the s’mores to perfection, pack the s’mores into foil containers lined with parchment paper. In this way, s’mores can be cooked simply and safely. Hey, totally gooey s’mores!

As Bakula says, it’s the perfect way to “get ahead of a summer picnic or barbecue.” The foil packets are easy to transport to any event or campfire and clean up in the aftermath. Total win!

How to make s’mores in foil packets


According to Bakula, this is a pretty straightforward hack. You’ll need the typical s’mores ingredients and basic packing materials: aluminum foil and parchment paper.


First, line the foil with parchment paper. From there, top half of a graham cracker with a piece of chocolate and marshmallows before topping it with half of a second graham cracker.

Once you’ve wrapped the s’mores in foil, that’s it! Just repeat with the remaining ingredients.

To cook sables in foil packaging, you need a grill. Once the grill has cooled after cooking hot dogs, burgers, or other grill recipes, place the packages on the grill grates. Then cook it for 3 to 5 minutes. easy!

The result should be a completely melted beaver. No need to clean any sticks or skewers. Before trying this hack, find some amazing new things to add to your s’mores!

Every possible way of making s’mores

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