Homemade Margarita Popsicles (recipe viral from TikTok)

Margarita frozen in popsicle form? come back to us at.

On hot summer days, there is nothing quite like enjoying an iced drink while the sun goes down. For me, the most refreshing summer drink is a frozen margarita. Imagine, however, a better-than-average frozen spread recipe. Hello, margarita popsicles!

How to make margarita popsicles

This recipe is from TikTok favorite Grandma, Babs Costello aka brunchwithbabs. I’ll make her margaritas at all kinds of summer events. I’m talking about BBQs, hangouts, birthdays, and more!


BABS MARGARITA POPS 🍹recipe follows🍹I know what I’m making for the 4th of July! Babs Margarita Pops are the hit of every summer party because they are so yummy and refreshing. What more could you ask for? 🍹INGREDIENTS: 4 oz white tequila 2 oz Cointreau 2 tbsp agave 2 oz lime juice 2 cup limeade 4 cups ice Limes 5 oz paper Dixie cups 🍹INSTRUCTIONS: In a blender mix white tequila, Cointreau, agave, lime juice, limeade and ice. Blend until smooth and then pour into paper dixie cups. Cut limes into round slices and cut a slit in each lime. Insert a popsicle stick into each lime. Place popsicle sticks in cups overnight to freeze. Remove paper cups. Optional: Rim pops in salt and serve (I like to serve right in the cups to catch all the yummy drips). Makes 16 pops. #4thofjuly #margaritas

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Step 1: Mix the ingredients

Place the tequila, Cointreau, agave, lime juice, lime and ice in a blender. Then, says Babs, let it sniff! Mix all ingredients together on the “ice crush” setting of the blender. Keep mixing until the consistency becomes smooth.

If you’re a mocktail fan, Babs has a tip for making these pops alcohol-free. “Just add a little orange juice,” she says, and it’ll still be delicious.

Step 2: Pour the frozen margaritas into glasses

Into Dixie paper cups, pour the margarita mix “almost to the top but not quite,” Babbs says. A recipe can consist of up to 16 contaminants.

Step 3: Add the limes and popsicle sticks

Cut the lemon into slices. Place a slice on each popsicle stick. Place them individually in each Dixie cup.

Step 4: Freeze overnight

You can now stick your pops in the freezer to freeze them overnight. Get ready for the magic of frozen margarita pop!

Step 5: Salt the rims

It’s a margarita pop, so once these popsicles are frozen you can pop them right away.

In true margarita fashion, you’ll want to salt the edge. Add some salt to a plate and cover the top of the frozen pops with the salt. Bam, they’re ready to serve! You’re all set for some frozen margarita popsicle goodness.

If you want to make this recipe your own, here are some of the best flavored margarita ideas to try.

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