What is this trend and how do you create it?

From mac and cheese to aesthetically pleasing charcuterie-inspired meals, we’ve got you covered for the trend that’s revolutionizing the online world.

If you’re a dedicated TikTok user, you probably couldn’t escape the “girl dinner” trend — or the catchy song that went with it — over the past month. And if TikTok isn’t your thing, well, chances are you’ve still heard of it.

However, if a girl’s dinner still doesn’t ring any bells, don’t worry. We’re here to break the trend of women putting together low-maintenance diets made up of exceptionally random nutrients.

The trend has exploded across the internet in the past few weeks, garnering more than 990 million Views on TikTok with no signs of slowing down. So if you enjoy aesthetically pleasing meals that are sometimes inconsequential, feel free to sit back while we explain it to you.

What exactly is a girl’s dinner?

Girl’s Dinner is the epitome of versatile snacks coming together into one easy meal. We’re talking unsophisticated (in the best way) charcuterie boards of random gatherings based on fridge and pantry scores. However, since a girl’s dinner is whatever you make it, it can also be a comfort dish rather than a random appetizer.

This trend has been hailed by many for turning the traditional diner—full of preparation and action—upside down. Girl’s dinner is the easy meal to turn to after a tiring day when you just want to stay home. It depends on your complete satisfaction with the contents of your kitchen.


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The trend comes from TikTok user Olivia Maher whose social media handle @lifemaher. In her original TikTok, which now has more than 1.5 million views, Maher snaps a plate with a glass of red wine, bits of bread, butter, cheese, grapes and pickles. “I call this girl dinner,” she asserts, or the medieval peasant. Fellow TikTok users can link up, at the very least. And so, thousands of videos and likes later, the viral girls dinner trend is a sensation.

In fact, the trend was so popular that Popeyes decided to put on its own show for Girls’ Dinner. The chain’s “girl’s dinner” order consisted of classic Popeyes side dishes—mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, Cajun potatoes, coleslaw, biscuits and red beans with rice.

Is a girl’s dinner healthy?

There is some controversy surrounding this trend, and with good reason. Experts online warn that the girls’ dinner should be eaten in moderation—not with every dinner of the week—in order to achieve nutritional balance. Because of the contents of what often constitutes a girls’ dinner, and the often small portion sizes, the trend can turn into toxic diet culture if users aren’t careful.

However, experts agree that if, at the core of a trend, it inspires people to occasionally put together a variety of tried-and-true sides or dishes that come to mind or are to their liking, then pick it up. A girl’s dinner can be an act of self-care and well-being.

Going viral, Maher explains the diversity and empowerment intent behind the girls’ dinner. In an interview with todayMaher says, “A girls’ dinner can feel like a lot of things. But what matters is the feeling it makes.” “Dizziness often goes along with it, because it’s what happens You Wants. It satisfies you.”

A girls’ dinner we’ve always loved

These are some of our personal, timeless girls’ dinner favorites:

  • Mac and cheese with chicken tendersThere’s nothing quite like the classic combo of mac and cheese with chicken tenders. We especially love the special touch of a glass of wine! Talk about aesthetically pleasing.

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  • Hummus and vegetablesDo you hold any kind of veggies on hand with some hummus? check.

Chickpeas instead of OFC cottage cheese # girls #veggiesandmustard #gluten free #derry #health #Palm hearts #Trader Joe

♬ original sound – Hanana

  • Frozen waffles: We’ve seen some renditions of a frozen waffle girl dinner. Whether it’s with a banana, or even adding some sauce and cheese to it and putting it in the air fryer to evoke a mini pizza, the world of cooking is your oyster.

My girl’s dinner = make a pizza out of anything # girls #wafflepizza # Oh, Lord

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And for more girls’ dinner ideas made up of even more exotic and really delicious food pairings, we’ve got you covered.

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